1940s makeover for hen parties – new photos

Here are some new photos just in, of our 1940s makeover for hen parties. If you’re looking for creative hen party ideas, you can have a vintage makeover workshop, learning how to do styles and make up like this, by our professional stage hair and make up artists. Our lovely photographer will then dress you up with fun hats and accessories from our dressing up box, and shoot you in a professional photoshoot

You can also have the hair and make up workshop and photoshoot as part of our vintage day out package at Cheltenham Town Hall. Although the website advertises a 1920s day out, just ask to change your era to 1940s, and we’ll add a 1940s jazz dance workshop instead of Charleston- we have a brand new teacher on board who can help with that! The Vintage Makeover and Photoshoot hen party, and 1940s dance class, are also available in London, Cheltenham, Henley on Thames, Reading, Oxford and Wallingford! Enjoy the photos! I’m very proud of our team! All Pics by Catherine Hadler of Vintography – our friend on WordPress.


About charlestondance

We are a group of 1920s and 1940s enthusiasts providing wonderful vintage hen parties in Cheltenham, London, Oxford, Henley on Thames, Wallingford, and Reading, or we come to you! Choose from: Charleston dance classes 1930s-1940s jazz dance classes Pop Up Afternoon Tea Parties and tea dances with a dance class, a full champagne afternoon tea and our live 1920s jazz or swing pianist Vintage Makeovers and Photoshoots Classic Musicals Hen Party dance class, or singing workshop (or both, for an all singing, all dancing, live life in a musical experience!) Our special, deluxe 1920s Day Out or 1940s Day Out in Cheltenham or Henley incorporating one vintage jazz dance class, one creative workshop (including vintage life drawing or fascinator making), a vintage makeover and photoshoot, afternoon tea, and a 3 course dinner!
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