1960s hair and make up hen party, retro fun and style

We love it when we get different requests from our lovely creative hen party groups. And we love to suggest new hen party ideas. So if vintage isn’t your scene and you prefer later eras and retro, why not book a 1960s hair and make up hen party?

This group of girls did just that, and it meant that they got to buy some fab mini dresses and go for the sleek lines and colour blocking of 1960s fashion! Well, any excuse to dress up! So whether you want to go cheesy and comical and Austin powers or you genuinely have a passion for 1960s hairstyles, the 1960s is great for an original hen party idea.

1960s hen party-20150908-101800_2

Such a fun theme, Groovy Baby! 1960s hairstyles and make up hen party

Think Barbarella, think bouffants and beehives, the 1960s wasn’t just about haircuts – hairstyling is definitely possible. So you can definitely incorporate the sixties into a pamper party. Forget fancy dress, trawl the vintage shops or the internet and you’ll find plenty of original 1960s clothes to wear, if you want to be authentic!


1950s or 1960s style upstyle or beehive

Here are a couple of other images of 1960s style hairstyling that we’ve done (complete with a rather superb 1960s Bristol to set it off!).


1960s Piere Cardin dress – dressing up – it’s easy to find original 1960s clothes to wear

And why not have  1960s themed cocktails and food? Watch Back in Time for Dinner on BBC Iplayer for inspiration. But think prawn cocktails, and pork pies and frankfurters and nuts for nibbles. And you can put together a  great playlist with Cilla Black, the Kinks, your favourites from the Beatles back catalogue, the Hollies, its rich! I’m sure that our dance teachers could put together a very special dance workshop for you too. Go go dancing from the 1960s podium dancers from top of the pops. It’s a fun rebellious era to draw on.

Here is a website I found with some food advice!


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A Charleston Dance tea party in Kent!

Here are some lovely photos from one of our Charleston classes and vintage tea parties in Kent. Our 1920s dream team are happy to travel. In fact, we’re planning on world domination through the medium of Charleston dance and cake… Mwah ha ha! Well, at least we’ll spread some vintage dance steps throughout the home counties anyway….! This large hen party had a lovely wood panelled vintage venue for the Charleston dance class and pop up vintage afternoon tea and some original ideas for 1920s dressing up.

For starters – Laurel and Hardy turned up! Or perhaps they are two Charlie Chaplins, either way, they look like comedians of silent film in these lovely pics. Ha, we love these ladies. If you don’t want to do girly, then please feel free to pick other kinds of outfits for our hen parties! We love a different take on the 1920s theme. We have had a pregnant gangster in one of our Charleston classes, and you can always go Marlene Dietrich. Cross dressing was all the rage in the 1920s and it simply signified that you were a modern, independent woman.

I think you’ll agree that our Charleston dance teacher, Holly looks very glamorous indeed in her drop waisted dress with her kiss curls.

Holly's 1920's Hen Party 059

Art Deco Style invitations

They created a rather nice art deco sign.

Holly's 1920's Hen Party 080

The vintage tea party is served

And here’s Claire serving the tea party. Doesn’t it look lovely?

Toodlepip for now. More inspiration soon.

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All photos copyright Luke W Cleary. Not to be used or downloaded without permission.

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A 1920s hen party in a superb vintage London venue

We love collectors of everything vintage, and wish that we had more space… oh, the amount of props, hats, fascinators, accessories, curiosities and other vintage paraphanalia and dressing up stuff currently living in my loft! Anyone would think it’d bring the roof down…

So, imagine our delighted to be able to host a vintage hen party makeover and photoshoot in a someone’s house, a collector of all things 1940s. Well, we were mixing it up, our hen party wanted a 1920s shoot! Our two lovely vintage hairstylists and make up artists and our favourite vintage photographer Rhiannon had such great fun, this place really provided inspiration and ideas for poses that they’d not have thought of otherwise. The hens went to town on their vintage dressing up too. The shoot is very evocative, and reminds me of 1920s flappers or showgirls behind the scenes, getting ready for some night out, or conjours images of a dressing room or an intimate bar or evening in… oh it does make the imagination go wild.

Check out the wonderful cabinet and vintage champagne glasses, and the photos on the walls. We love the attention to detail in this place! And that beautiful gramaphone, I’d hazard a guess that it’s probably circa 1890s with that horn. The bride to be is wearing a fantastic beaded dress with feathered fascinator.

The photographer went to town using corners of the house to good effect. The domesticity of the setting added a lot of intimacy to our shoot. Here are some poses besides the vintage typewriter and with a lovely 1940s mirror and dressing table. And I think you’ll agree that Rhiannon has really pulled off some fantastic 1920s lighting and editing in her photography. 1920s colour photography is little known about but Rhiannon managed to get some lovely effects.

The hens had such cheeky fun shooting in the bathroom, the living room and all over the 1940s house and bending it to their 1920s fantasies… It really was a 1920s treat, and great inspiration for our hens, who came up with all sorts of ideas for hen party photos.

Our photographer managed to use the windows and corners of the house to great effect. and look at the 1920s hairstyles, I love the wild crazy curls on this blonde haired flapper with the giant flower fascinator, the hair back with detail on the side, and and the long hair on this lady with wild brushed out waves. There’s a nice choker here, and some lovely bracelets. The hens went to town finding second hand vintage jewellery I think!

My favourite photo – doesn’t this lady’s hairstyle and face look so much like and authentic period photo? She could be a 1920s starlet of the era.

1920s hair and make up

I do hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it!


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A mixed era vintage hen party at Basildon Park, 1920s and 1940s

Here’s a vintage hair and make up hen party with a difference. We had a simply super time with this group of hens who had a vintage makeover and photoshoot with afternoon tea and vintage dress hire at a lovely National Trust property near Reading.


A 1920s and 1940s hen party

They couldn’t decide on one era, so some hens went 1920s and other went 1940s. It made for a lot of nice outfits, some lovely hair and make up styles and a fun brief for our vintage dressing up expert as they booked our vintage dress hire service too, with vintage dress expert Ali from Frock n Roll.

From forties glamour girl to 1940s wartime housewife, from Roaring Twenties moll and jazz age flapper to Downton Abbey heiress to Bright Young Thing, what I love about this hen party was the range of looks the hair and make up artists managed to create to go with each outfit.

Here are some more of the lovely 1940s hairstyles and make up. I am so proud of the hair and make up artists we work with! They are so quick and clever. The ladies enjoyed a lovely vintage style afternoon tea during their makeover and photoshoot.

Here are some of the wonderful 1920s hairstyles and make up.

Here are some of the hens enjoying the parkland and gadding about amongst the trees.


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1920s Etiquette Class with Auntie Maude!

1920s Hen Party

1920s Charleston and Etiquette Class in Cheltenham – deportment lessons under the strict guidance of Aunt Maude!

1920s Etiquette Class

Best dressed 1920s hen for March so far is the lady on the left! Look at that gorgeous beaded gown! Shimmy-lin approves!

Charleston Hen Party

1920s Charleston and Etiquette Graduates! Congratulations, you are now officially 1920s flappers of the upper class variety! (well, perhaps you can pass as old money, after your lesson with Aunt Maude!)

Vintage Hen Party

For further information or to book please visit www.charlestondance.co.uk

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Charleston & Pop Up Tea Party!

A post 1920s Charleston Pop Up Tea Party (all home baked by our baker Pepper, with gluten free options available!)
Thanks Pepper!

Vintage Afternoon Tea
Hang on a minute, there’s a very original costume there in the foreground – is that a marvellous two piece with watch chain I see, and a tweed hat? Congrats we like a bit of cross dressing at our hen parties! It meant that you were a very modern woman.

For further information or to book please visit www.charlestondance.co.uk

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Cheltenham 1920s Hen Party!

A 1920s hen party! I say ladies, what wonderful beaded dresses! Some of these ladies had 1920s makeovers and all had a Charleston dance class to get some flapper moves! The ladies then went onto one of our favourite partner restaurants in Cheltenham.

1920s Hen Party

For further information or to book please visit www.charlestondance.co.uk

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